Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mikey here...

Mikey THWP 1-3-13 2

Mikey THWP 1-3-13 1

My sister has been a bit of a flake. No actually she does so much with school and friends that I am going to sneak in here and post a few photos. I couldn't decide which photo was better so putting both in.

So I was suppose to be exploring where I live now, but you know how life goes. I have gone out a few times so if my sister doesn't notice I am using her blog, I will try to also put those photos on here. Anyway, this was at Tualatin Hills Nature Park in Oregon. It's a cool place with beaver and river otters and snakes and more.

Oh I also have to mention that I have a new sweater. It's from Squirrel Moon Knits over on etsy. At least if I say that my sister might not be too upset since this is suppose to be a fashion blog. So thanks for looking and I hope everyone is good!

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